About Us

About Paras Food Products

Paras Food Products, founded by Mr. Dayal Das Ji Pahuja in 1989, Paras resonates with his Midas Touch to bring revolutionary changes in the field of confectionery. Started from a single manufacturing unit, he had a vision to make best quality products which led to the success of our company. He always believed that do good and good will come to you.
Built on the grounds of love, devotion and innovation, we ought to bring these qualities together to create savouring treats for all. From candies to lollipops, wafers to milk chocolates, we offer a variety of products in different mouth watering flavours. The company is known for its two brands, “CANDYLAKE” & “KANDY”.

Why Choose Us?

Situated amidst India’s hub of confectionery, our manufacturing unit consists of advanced machinery that assures high quality with optimum production. What had been driving our organization for over thirty years is our principle that “Any variation goes, as long as it includes ‘new’ and it addresses customer needs and wants.” We believe that what’s best for the customer is best for the business.
Our team works hard to get you a product which is created with most care and keeping in mind the high quality parameters to provide you utter satisfaction. With our wide range of products, you have a variety of delicious options to choose from.